Robin’s highly-anticipated visit to Australia has unfortunately been postponed due to circumstances beyond our control.

We are very disappointed, but remain totally committed to making his tour a reality – although it will now be in 2018.

In the meantime, we are hosting Robin’s groundbreaking Lead Without A Title events in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney over the next 3-4 months.  Click here if you’d like to be notified once full details are released.


Our 2017 calendar has just been published – click here to view our programs for this year.
2017 promises to be an epic year in so many ways.

Make sure you stay ahead of the curve; commit to growing yourself so you can lead more mindfully and confidently.


Steve JobsSteve Jobs was arguably the greatest CEO of the modern era globally. His vision magically transformed four industries: personal computer, music, movies and mobile.

A legend by the age of 30, tons of pages have been written about his creativity, innovation, intensity and focus. Sometimes called a tough manager and unforgiving, but always non-compromising and single-minded about his vision.

So much can be learned from Steve’s two stints at Apple and his leadership style that transformed a faltering computer manufacturer bordering on closure into the creative powerhouse that became the planet’s most valuable company.

In a moment of self-discovery, Steve agreed to take leadership guru John Mattone’s MLEI Assessment and subsequently requested two coaching sessions with John.

Here is what John learned about the great man:

1. He was intensely curious to learn more about his leadership style, gaps and to improve himself
Unlike some of the popular caricatures of Steve as a difficult manager, he was curious to discover more about himself: how he came across to others and how he could be more effective as a leader. He was becoming more aware of his style, how it could limit his impact and how to make changes.

2. He put together an incredible A-team of leaders
As a direct outcome of his enhanced self-awareness, Steve put together a team of incredibly talented and diverse leaders that perhaps only he could have led. In each functional area – design, marketing, sales, operations, software, hardware engineering – he brought together people with game-changing vision and talent. Steve served as the glue for the team, keeping them focused on a larger vision, moving ahead relentlessly. Unlike many other leaders, his choices were not compromised by personality, personal preferences or other considerations. He brought together people like Jonathan Ive, Ron Johnson, Tim Cook, Avie Tevanian – indisputably the hottest talent around – and they delivered.

3. He was a lot more people-focused
Steve was a lot more people-focused with a highly nuanced knowledge of motivators and drivers of people and teams. He built reward schemes and constantly encouraged his teams to aim for the highest performance standards. He created a great environment for the best talent to thrive in and had a relentless focus on excellence – a balance few leaders can strike at such a high level.

4. He was becoming keenly aware of his own limitations
This demonstrated his evolution as a ground-breaking leader. He became aware of his own limitations as a leader and worked with his trademark intensity to make progress. He became a better listener, he gave more freedom to others and created multiple projects for his leaders to succeed. At the same time, he eliminated bureaucracy and anything that threatened Apple’s pursuit of its vision.

5. He built a self-sustaining and winning institution
For the longest time, it seemed as if Apple was Steve Jobs. Articles and analyses were written about how the company could not survive without the vision of its famous co-founder. But Steve proved skeptics wrong by building an enduring institution that bears his innovation DNA and continues to make strides as the world’s premier technology company. He did this by:
• building a unique culture
• institutionalizing a process of hiring and rewarding the best talent
• growing their very own product development process.

Here is what John Mattone says about his experience of coaching Steve Jobs:
“As a coach who interacted with Steve, I am humbled and feel privileged to have witnessed this amazing turnaround and success story.”

What is your own success story?
How will you build your team? How will you become aware of your own unique mix of gifts and improvement areas? How will you prioritize and develop your leverage points?

Experience this unique journey with John in his immersive 8-month Intelligent Leadership Program:


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Here is a quick look at what you get:
• complete the same MLEI assessment that Steve Jobs took
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• assess your growth through the Talent Watch surveys (before and after)
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John Mattone's Intelligent Leadership Program


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Is your 2016 progressing just as you’d planned at the start of the year?

Is it even better than you had hoped?  If so, congratulations! Keep doing what you’re doing…

But if this year so far has been well short of spectacular; if your goals seem even further away today that they did in January – we can help.

One of life’s indisputable realities is that “nothing changes unless you change”.

We understand that change is not something most of us find easy, or painless.  We invest a lot of time and money in growing our own skills to manage change proactively and efficiently. It’s not always easy or painless for us – but we have a great support network around us that makes everything more smooth sailing than perfect storm.

Today, this same amazing support network is available to you – you just need to put your hand up and ask to join.  Don’t throw this in the ‘too-hard’ basket yet again…  if you want different results in your career and life, you must make different choices.

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Lead Without a Title


We’re here to help – but we can only help if you’re ready for it.

Are you ready?

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Are you already looking back over 2015, wondering where the year went and how you ended up here – when your dreams last Christmas looked so different and promised so much?

Do you want a different 2016? A year filled with love, energy, achievement, confidence, giving and a sense that anything is possible for you?

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Make 2016 the best year of your life.


We were privileged to be invited to speak at a breakfast function in Wagga yesterday by Bush and Campbell, Wagga’s oldest and most respected Accounting firms.Bush and Campbell Breakfast

Danette wowed the audience (as she always does) with a captivating discussion on coping with stress and maintaining healthy resilience.

Danette also share some important tips for recognising when you’re emotionally out of balance and bringing yourself back to a ‘centred’ state – particularly before you make important business decisions.

To learn more about how you can stay resilient, click here to access our free eBook: The 5 Secrets to Building a Resilient Life.

IMG_0638We are very grateful to Bush and Campbell (thanks Jan!) for inviting us to participate and to the Wagga Business Chamber for organising the event. Apparently they set a new attendance record for Chamber events, which is a testament to the massive effort put in by everyone.

Lastly, a massive Thank You! to Rebecca and the team at the Wagga International Hotel, who did a fantastic job in hosting the function, feeding the crowd and providing great service with a smile throughout.


Recently I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Sharon Pearson, CEO of The Coaching Institute. One of the concepts that Sharon shared in her talk that really resonated with me was the concept of ‘bragging rights’.

As human beings we like to tell stories. It helps us connect with others. What Sharon was referring to was when we experience something that was either so good or so bad that it gives us the opportunity to tell a story (brag) to our friends, loved ones, associates, etc. about it.

She went on to discuss that if you are providing good products/services then really that is what the market expects and by doing so you don’t give your customers any bragging rights.

However, if you do more than is expected or a lot less than is expected then your customers will have a story that they can share with others.

This resonated with me. I love sharing stories about great customer service and also really bad customer service, but as I reflected on her concept I realized that it was true, if the product or service were good, then I rarely shared that with anyone.

So as leaders we need to consider the ‘bragging rights’ our people are providing to our customers.

Here is an example of bragging rights, in this case a story of poor customer service.

On a flight last year I had the unfortunate experience of having a stewardess that was much more interested in the football team who were down the back of the plane than she was on serving the rest of her customers. Not only did she take more than forty minutes to respond to the call bell but when she did she whined about how much work she had to do.

A little while later the man next to me used the call button to ask for a blanket, as the cabin temperature was freezing. When she finally answered his call, she returned a few minutes later with a blanket that was not in a plastic bag. When he put it over himself we both realized why it wasn’t in a plastic bag (like they normally come in). It smelled of vomit. She offered no apologies on that either.

This flight was so bad I actually took the time to give feedback because normally that airline is quite good. I received a standard response that was as bad as the service I had received. I often share this story in customer service training as what not to do. That airline gave me something to brag about.

So think about what customer experience are you and your teams providing. Are they providing opportunities for positive bragging rights or is what you are doing just good?

As we all know happy, empowered staff are more likely to provide wow experiences for customers so it makes sense to start by wowing your staff.

Always Do More

Then discuss the concept of ‘bragging rights’ with them. We did this in a recent customer service workshop. The staff came up with some excellent ways to wow their customers. Most of their suggestions were either free or very low cost for the organization.

Then empower your staff to provide the service and experience for your customers that will wow them and give them bragging rights.

For example, one person I know runs an online business that provides products to people who dance. To stand out they wrap their products in brightly coloured scarves and include a hand written thank you note.

Yes it does cost a little bit more in terms of money and time but this business is not only highly successful but has a lot of customers who share their stories with other people so that most of their marketing is done by their customers who are raving fans.

So why not take some time to talk to your staff and customers to come up with some strategies to provide them with positive ‘bragging rights’.

Also we would love to hear your best or worst experience in terms of bragging rights. Please share them below.

Until next time, be extraordinary.


In a recent Global Human Capital Trends Survey, Deloitte noted: “Leadership remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organisations around the world.”

How would you rate the leadership in your teams?

  • Do you feel frustrated by the lack of engagement of your key people?
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  • Are workplace politics and personality issues hampering your team’s ability to achieve outcomes?

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We were informed late yesterday that Regional Group Training (RGT), our business partner who issue all of our qualifications, went into voluntary liquidation last month.

We were completely unaware that this was happening and we are working to contact the CEO and other Directors of RGT, to better understand the implications – for us and for our students.

Please note: this has no impact on our business viability or our capacity to continue to deliver non-accredited training programs and support for our clients and students.

Given the proximity to Christmas and the usual business shut-down, we may not know more before the New Year – but we will keep those of you doing qualifications informed as we go.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to working with you again next year and wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.

Grahame & Danette