One thing that we have wanted to do as a company was occupy some space in the realm of podcasting. We knew that we would be able to produce the content, as Danette and Grahame are on a constant path of learning. However, the actual production of podcasting seemed confusing or time consuming.

So we decided to produce the Magical Learning Podcast in a very basic way, using what we had as recording equipment, and using a free hosting service ( to host it.

Our first one was an extract from a webinar we had made in the past, but we noticed even that episode was garnering listeners. So we uploaded a few other ones from our archives. As we saw more consistent listenership, we thought it may be time to take it more seriously.

Since then, Danette and Grahame have been recording weekly bespoke episodes for the Magical Learning Podcast, which have seen the podcast grow even more, with even more fans.

If you want to check it out, most episodes are around 10 minutes long. You can find them here: