Team-Focused Programs

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping clients around the world build stronger, more adaptable and more successful teams.

If you’re (seriously) ready to commit the energy, emotion and time needed to elevate your team to exceptional, we’re listening.

Growing Employee Engagement and Retention

According to Bain & Company, ‘Engaged employees are 44% more productive than workers who merely feel satisfied.’ This workshop covers why employee engagement is important, where your employees are in terms of engagement and practical ways to improve employee engagement and retention.

Performance Management and Feedback Skills

Is performance management and feedback something that your people get excited about or is it something that they would rather avoid? To set our people up to win in this ever-changing world we need to be able to manage performance including providing regular feedback. This course covers the latest in brain science on how to get the best out of performance management and feedback.

Mental Health in the Workplace

With all the disruption that is happening it is important for organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces. This workshop covers what is mental health, the types of challenges your people may face, practical tools and strategies to create a mentally healthy workplace and helpful resources and support.

Customer Service Excellence

What does it take to wow your customers? This workshop explores the different needs and wants of your customers and the key elements that create customer service excellence. Participants will be equipped to implement new ways of creating customer service excellence for your organisation.

Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

High performing teams don’t just happen by themselves. There are a number of key elements that help create the right environment for people to thrive. This workshop covers how to build and maintain sustainable high-performance teams.

Creating Champions for Change

Change is our new normal. To create successful organisational change requires that change champions. This course is specifically designed to support change champions to understand and navigate organisational change successfully.

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