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Welcome to The Magical Learning Podcast!

Danette and Grahame have over 30 years experience in business, and have over 20 years experience as facilitators and consultants. With a holistic view, these podcasts cover not only how to improve your business, but how to help your employees enjoy their work, and how to improve yourself.

Episode 172 - The Power of Fiction (with Kanika Chopra)

How can fiction help us in business? How can we utilise it to become a tool to become better leaders and employees?

In today’s conversation, we break all that down with Kanika Chopra; Co-Director of the National Young Writer’s Festival, founder and editor of More Than Melanin, and our very own social media manager.

Kanika share’s their story on what fiction means to all of us, how to start out if you aren’t sure about fiction, and what writing fiction can do for you.

If you want to buy the latest issue of More Than Melanin, you can do so here:

Episode 171 - Why Part-Time Work is a Critical Driver of Inclusion (with Belinda Morgan)

Why do we have lingering stereotypes about part-time work, when it is something practiced by stakeholders and CEOs? What could we get out of our employees who can’t work a full-time job, but are great talent? In today’s podcast, we break it all down with Belinda Morgan. Belinda is a flexible work and leadership specialist based in Sydney, Australia.

Her career to date has spanned roles as a leadership consultant, organisational coach, management consultant, accountant and tax specialist. Belinda’s recent work includes coaching partners at a Big 4 consulting firm, speaking at an HR Conference, and working with a global tech company on their part-time work strategy. We break down all the myths and facts around part time work, and how it can work for you.

To find out more about Belinda, go here:   

And here book is available here:   


Episode 170 - Finding Balance

Enjoy a locally recorded episode of the Magical Learning Podcast, live from Melbourne!

The team breaks down the tricky topic of “finding balance’. How do you do it, how do you help others do it, and how can we get more out of life if we do it?

Sit back, relax and enjoy this fun episode from the team!




Episode 169 - Being Bold

This week we are back to a classic edition Magical Learning Podcast with no guests and just the team.

We take on the subject of Being Bold. We know that fortune favours the bold, but how do we actually drum up the courage to do so?

What can you do to be bolder?

Episode 168 - The Art of Unlearning and Relearning (With Rowena Millward)

Are you struggling to keep up with constantly changing technology and working environment? Do you struggle to stay on top of everything?

In today’s podcast, we chat to Rowena Millward. Rowena is a global leader in business and personal growth, best-selling author, who also does consulting, training and mentoring. We chat about the best ways to wrap your head around today’s working environment, and how to best utilise others to cover more ground. We also discuss ways for you to feel more comfortable as we advance further into this new normal.

To find out more about Rowena, or to get in contact with her;


Episode 167 - Gamifying Your Work (With Caelan Huntress)

Do you need fun to motivate you, but struggle to find it at your work? Do you want fun ways to make mundane tasks feel more enjoyable?

In today’s conversation, we break down how to do all of this and more with our guest Caelan Huntress; speaker, trainer, business coach and author who specialises in playful productivity and hybrid culture.

We break down what techniques are great to motivate us, how to tackle it in a hybrid work environment, and how to apply these things outside the work environment.

If you want to find out more about Caelan, you can subscribe to his newsletter here:

And you can get in touch with Caelan here:




Episode 166 - How to Be 100x More Interesting Every Day (with Penny Terry)

What makes some people interesting, and some people boring?

Well, our guest today Penny Terry actually thinks that no one is boring, and it all may have to do with the questions we ask and how we have been trained to respond. Penny is a multi-award-winning podcast creator, producer, and presenter. She has a real knack for turning tough topics into un-turn-off-able listening. She has 10 years of experience working at the ABC as a presenter, and has spent a lot of that time finding amazing stories from everyday Aussies.

Penny teaches us how to get interesting answers out of anyone, how to be more interesting to others, and how to have better conversations everyday.

To find out more about penny, check out the links below;


And check out Penny’s podcast here:

Episode 165 - Performance and Sustainability of Ourselves (with Jess Stuart)

Is it realistic to expect people to perform at 100% all of the time? And if not, how do we make it so that we can sustain our energy and set good expectations for ourselves?

To answer these questions and a lot more, we are joined by Jess Stuart; International speaker, coach and author of six personal development books specialising in mindset, performance and leadership. With a background in Senior Human Resources roles and a decade working in leadership development.

Jess breaks down not only how to manage your energy, but also Jess’s thoughts on self-care and how to do it, tips for entrepreneurs and how to avoid burnout.

If you want to find out more about Jess, you can check out these links:


And you can find Jess’s Books here:


Episode 164 - Embracing Your Creativity (Monthly Theme)

Not everyone considers themselves a “creative”, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t be Creative.

In today’s at home episode, Kanika and Jez both discuss the monthly theme of “Embracing Your Creativity”, and talk about how they feel about creativity, how others should be kinder to themselves when being creative, and why creativity is important.




Episode 163 - Unthinkable Living in Flow for Magical Expansion (with Marcel Kuhn)

How can you be in flow more often? How do you get out of your comfort zone so that you can grow more in your life?

Today the team talks to Marcel Kuhn; Swiss visionary speaker, author, coach, father, dreamer, and soul surfer who passionately explores the edges of his comfort zone and what it means to create an unthinkable reality through FLOW: Finding Love and Oneness Within. Marcel has spent over a decade immersed in personal development, traveling globally to work with top experts from coaches, speakers, and trainers, to spiritual healers and shamans.

In this episode, we talk about how do you create a space at your workplace for creativity from you team, how to get into flow more, and how you can love yourself so you can best love others.

To read Marcel’s book Unthinkable – Life Teachings From a Soul Surfer check out this link:

And to get in contact with Marcel:

Episode 162 - When You Expand Your Worldview, You Open up a World of Possibility (with Sophie Krantz)

How do I take my business to an international level? How can I use global talent and relationships in other countries to grow my business?

In today’s episode, we talk to Sophie Krantz;  who has worked in international economic development at the United Nations, to emerging market expansion at reinsurer Swiss Re, and updating business models in large legacy companies, as an Exponential Organization practitioner. Sophie talks about her journey to becoming someone who was in love with the world outside of her country, how she has dealt with expanding business globally, and how she curates relationships in untapped markets.

If you loved this conversation, you can find out more about Sophie here:


Episode 161 - Work and Personal Life Integration (with Joe Hart)

Is it ok to bring our personal lives into our work and vice versa? What do workplaces that allow for personal life integration see as benefits?

In today’s episode, we are joined by Joe Hart, who is a speaker, coach and facilitator with a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology. Joe worked with Gallup before becoming a solo-preneur, and gives amazing insights as to how to get the most out of your employees by letting them bring all of themselves to the workplace.

As well as the topic, we talk about how to get more out of your life, how to avoid making your work and home life a tricky balancing act, and how to have better mental wellbeing in general.

If you liked this chat and want to learn more about Joe, you can find him here:




Episode 160 - Psychologically Safe Leadership & Culture (with Jeremy Khoh)

Are you a leader that wants your team to feel psychologically safe in your workplace? Do you want to your team to bring the most of themselves to your workplace culture?

In today’s podcast, we are joined by returning guest and expert Jeremy Khoh to talk about just that. Jeremy talks about the cost of not having a psychologically safe workplace, his own experience and how he turned his style around, and what you can do to have a workplace where employees can bring all of themselves.

A bit about Jeremy:

Jeremy is a Principal Consultant at Inspirational Management Australia and specialises in creating high performing teams through Psychological Safety. He has coached and mentored business leaders at all levels and in every continent in the world (except for Antarctica).  Jeremy also has a background as a Chartered Accountant, formerly at KPMG until 2015 and Financial Controller of Kelsen Group (Hong Kong) in 2018.  He is passionate about using data and an evidence-based approach to elevate team performance and wellbeing, particularly in the midst of accelerating change, uncertainty and interdependence. 

To find out more a out Jeremy or get in contact with him:

Episode 159 - Communicating for Impact

How important is the way that you communicate when talking to others? What role does emotion have in communication?

In today’s at home session, the team breaks down what are the best ways to communicate for impact, and what Jez’s background in Stand-Up Comedy, and Kanika’s experience teaching kids has taught them.


Episode 158 - Teamership (with Keegan Luiters)

How can you be in the right mindset to be the best team member at work when you are part of multiple teams? How can you as a leader effectively get your employees in the right headspace to be great teammates?

In today’s episode, the team chats to Keegan Luiters, who has a book called Teamership, which talks about how these questions and more. Keegan talks to us about managing egos, building the structure for the best outcomes, and how to utilise it for remote teams.

You can find more about Keegan here:




Episode 157 - Knowing When Something is No Longer Serving You as a Leader (with Bernie Kelly)

As a leader how do you know when something that was once important to you no longer is helping you or your team? it can be hard when it is something that made you who you are, but times are changing and we all have to learn to adapt.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Bernie Kelly, who is positively elevating leaders and executive teams and has a great story to tell. He explains how to find things that no longer work, and how to become a more well-rounded leader in the process.

You can find more about Bernie here:

Episode 156 - Strategic Process (with Emma Gibbens)

Do you want to mix up how you and your company approach strategic process? Well you have come to the right place!

In today’s episode, the team chats to Emma Gibbens, who has an amazing journey to where she is today, and has a wealth of experience to draw from to talk about it. She talks about how to appraoch it from both a top-Down and a bottom-up approach and how to better use the insights from people on the ground to make better decisions for the whole company.

To find out more about Emma, check her out here:


Episode 155 - Supercharge Your Performance (with Dr. Greg Wells)

Dr Greg Wells is back as a returning guest to talk about his amazing new book: Powerhouse – Protect Your Energy, Optimize Your Health & Supercharge Your Performance. Dr Greg is a Performance Physiologist, 4x Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Olympic Commentator

We cover everything from how your health affects your power, how to give yourself more energy through science, and how you can learn to best understand your body for your life.

If you want to read the book you can find it here:

You can also find more from Dr Greg here:

And his podcast here:




Episode 154 - How Your Brand is a Tool to Build Trust (with Natalie Davison)

Many people want to improve their brand’s value, but it seems hard to fully understand what that means. What is my brand? Why is it so hard to convey it? How do I avoid getting lost in the crowd?

In today’s amazing conversation, we are joined by Brand Integrity expert Natalie Davison, who also is a realtor. Natalie’s approach to branding and understanding what your brand can be is a unique and inspired lens that has helped us better understand how we are percieved. Enjoy this amazing chat!


Find more of Natalie here:  

Episode 153 - Taking Responsibility as a Leader

What make a great leader great? How do you get a team that feels safe and secure at your workplace?

In today’s episode, the team breaks down what the benefits of being a leader that takes responsibility is, and what makes a leader a responsible one. We also share good and bad examples of workplaces and how we felt being in them. And as always we share a few great laughs as well.


Episode 152 - Monthly Theme: Diversity & Inclusion

What does Diversity and Inclusion really mean? Is it just about hiring people that don’t look like you?

In today’s monthly theme chat, Jez and Kanika break down the terms and what it really looks like at it’s best. It’s not just about the hiring of people, it is about seeing the potential in differing opinions and the opportunites of diverse thoughts. It’s about understanding how other people from different groups can have different lenses to view things through, and it’s about being open to new ideas as a leader.

All Magical Learning podcasts are recorded on the beautiful lands of the Kulin, Ngunnawal and Wiradjuri nations, and we pay our respect to their elders past and present. As always, if you are having trouble, you can always send us a message.




Episode 151 - Harnessing Neurodiversity in the Workplace (with Callum McKirdy)

Do you feel like you could be doing more for your neurodivergent employees? Do you think you could be better utilising them to the best of their abilities?

In today’s podcast, we are joined by guest Callum McKirdy, a speaker, podcast host and an expert in harnessing neurodiversity in the workplace. Callum has been diagnosed with both ADHD and Dyslexia, meaning he brings a lived experience to this conversation. Plus he is an absolute joy to talk to. If you want to harness the most out of all your workers, this is a great place to start.

More about Callum:

His website:

His amazing podcast:

Check out his website to find out more about him and to get in contact with him.

Episode 150 - How to Look After Yourself as a Leader (with Rita Cincotta)

Our 150th podcast! Thank you for joining us on this amazing ride

Today, we have the perfect guest for such an occasion; Rita Cincotta. Rita is an author, speaker, facilitator and executive coach and her focus areas are team and individual performance, leadership development and better ways of working. She also hosts an amazing podcast that you can check out below.

The team talks about how to look after yourself as a leader, what not looking after yourself can do, and how to be less stressed.

You can find out more about Rita here:

Podcast: Leadership Lane with Rita Cincotta:

Book – Evolve:


Episode 149 - Finding your Work Style

Do you feel like you aren’t in a groove when it comes to your work? Are you struggling to find how you best work at your job?

In today’s episode, the team breaks down what they do to get their head in the game, how they found their working style, and how you can find yours too.

The team also looks into how to tackle these tough questions, and how to leave you and your employers in the best position.




Episode 148 - Career Questions: Leaving a New Job + Joining a Brand New Team

Have you ever wanted to quit a new job? Have you ever joined a completely new team and felt totally out of place?

In today’s bonus episode, the team breaks down how to tackle these tough questions, and how to leave you and your employers in the best position.

Episode 147 - Effective Delegations and Empowerment in Leadership
How do you delegate effectively? How do you build up your team while remaining effective? In today’s episode, the team breaks down not only how to be a better leader that builds leaders, but they also talk about funny ways they have seen it go wrong in the past.


Episode 146 - Goals and Habit Setting
In a new style for the podcast, every month, Jez and Kanika are going to do a sit down 1-on-1 to discuss the social media topic. Today they talk about their own journey with goal and habit setting, what makes it hard for them, what they like about it, and how you can do it as well.




Episode 145 - Habits and Happiness
How can having good habits lead to happiness? What do good habits look like? How do you start a new habit? In today’s episode, the team breaks down when they have had successful habits, what relationship they see between them and how you too can build your own successful habits.
ML Recommendation: Feeling Grateful- Kobi Yomanda Buy it here:
Episode 144 - Lessons From 80 Years (with Aileen Fenton)
On today’s episode, we celebrate someone who has lived 80 years, and been an inspiration to a lot of us at the Magical Learning Podcast; Aileen Fenton. Mother of Danette and Grandmother of Jez, she has a great attitude and a lot of funny stories. Enjoy this slightly different episode where we talk to her about lessons and stories from her 80 years.


Bonus Episode - ML Team Solves: Leaving a New Job and Joining a Completely New Team
Have you ever wanted to quit a job a week in? Have you ever joined a workplace where all of the staff have just left? In today’s bonus episode, the team breaks down their thoughts on this and how to save face and help the company that hired you.




Episode 143 - Achieving the Impossible (with Amy Fenton)

Have you ever achieved something you thought was impossible? Do you have any hurdles in your life that seem insurmountable? In today’s episode, the team breaks down thier challenges that seemed impossible, and how they overcame them. They talk about physical, emotional, financial and other challenges and how they fought to get out the other side. Our guest is Amy Fenton, who has travelled over from USA to celebrate Danette’s mum’s 80th birthday. She shares her own interesting challenge with something that felt impossible and how she overcame it

ML Recommendation:

14 peaks – 

Episode 142 Building Strong Professional Relationships: The Key to Success
First new episode back for 2023 and what a great episode it was. In today’s episode, the team breaks down some of the keys to creating and maintaining great business relationships, as well as what the benefits of that are. If you are someone that struggles with the people side of business, this is a great podcast for you.


Episode 141 - 2022 Wrap Up
What a year it has been for the podcast! We have had a bunch of guests, a bunch of great questions and an amazing amount of lessons. In today’s conversation, the team discusses all of their favourite episodes from the year, what lessons they will be taking into the new year, and what they learnt this year from the podcast.




Episode 140 - The Intelligent Leader

What makes a leader an ‘intelligent leader’? How can we all become better at leading people and ourselves? In today’s episode, looking at the question through the lens of Jahn Mattone’s concept of ‘The Intelligent Leader’, our team breaks down good and bad leaders they have had in the past, how to become better, and why it’s important to become an intelligent leader.

Episode 139 - OpenAI's ChatGPT on Business Culture
What does the most advanced chatbot on the cutting edge of AI technology think about Business Culture? What can we learn about a system that best understands efficiency? In today’s solo episode, Jez sits down with this disruptive tool and sees what it thinks.


Episode 138 - Fostering Safety in the Workplace (with Marie-Claire Ross)
Fostering safety in the workplace is something that we don’t always talk about, but after today’s chat, I think you will.
Today we got the chance to talk to Marie-Claire Ross, author of the book “Trusted to Thrive: How leaders create connected and accountable teams”. While we only cover one section of the book (Fostering Safety in the Workplace) you will see how much of a profound advantage that can create for your team. It’s also our first ever ML Recommendation that is also an interview so a great one for sure.




Episode 137 - Wise Counsel (with Louise McDonough & Helen Innes)

What should you do in situations where you aren’t sure of the next step? What makes someone a good person to turn to for advice? In today’s podcast, the team talks to Louise McDonough and Helen Innes of Metis Coaching and Training; an organisation committed to exceptional public service – to make Australia a better place to work and live. They break down understanding wise counsel, how to be it for others, and how to find wisdom for yourself.

To find out more about them, go check them out here: 

Episode 136 - The Impact of Kindness

Kindness doesn’t just impact the person you are being kind to; its impact can ripple throughout many people. Maybe its someone who is watching it happen, maybe its someone in the future seeing the impact of that kindness. In today’s episode, the team breaks down all the ways kindness has impacted them, and how they have seen amazing ripple effects of kindness throughout their life. Sorry about the audio at the start, it gets better.

ML Recommendation:

‘Big Panda and Tiny Dragon’ by James Norbury –  


Episode 135 - Aboriginal Inclusion (with Dr. Connie Henson and Felicity Chapman)

How can we all be better at including Aboriginal people and customs into not only our workplaces, but our life? Why is it important? In today’s amazing and emotional episode, the team chat with Dr. Connie Henson and Felicity Chapman about just that, and much more. Drawing on scientific and lived experience, the duo weave beautiful images about what Australia could look like with a better inclusion and understanding of Aboriginal people and culture. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Felicity also has an awesome business you should check out called Deadly Weavers – 

Uluru Statement: 

ML Recommendation: Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe – 




Episode 134 - Long Covid without Covid (with Dr Kirsten Peterson)

Have you found adjusting to the world after the Covid lockdowns harder than you expected? Is burning out become more common for you? In today’s podcast, the team is lucky enough to be joined by Dr. Kirsten Peterson, who has worked for the Olympic teams in both the USA and Australia in various capacities, but specifically as a sports psychologist. She shares her journey to becoming a sports psychologist, why we are feeling the drain in a post-covid world and how she is turning years as a sports psychologist into a performance coach. She also has a new book coming out this month called “When Grit is not enough: Reworking and Purpose for Easier Effort in Hard Times”. We will update you on that when it is released.

To find out more about Kirsten:  

Episode 133 - Why Your Energy Management Matters (with Heather Hutchings)

People talk a lot about time management… but what if you don’t have the energy when you have allocated time to complete a task? Our guest today, Heather Hutchings, is an expert in understanding how to get the most out of your time by understanding your energy. When do you work best? What gives you the most energy? and how can you work with your body to get more done?

You can find Heather Hutchings here:  


Episode 132 - Your Persona

Why do we behave differently around some people? How much of your personality should you show at work? In today’s episode, the team is back in a classic regular episode to tackle those questions and more. If you want to know how to be a bit more yourself, this is the podcast for you!

ML Recommendations: 




Episode 131 - Why Developing Ourselves as Leaders is so Important Today (with Dr. Mike Smith)

What makes a great leader, and why should we all strive to be one? Even if you aren’t in a position of power in your workplace, why should we try and become better leaders? In today’s podcast, we are lucky enough to be joined by Dr. Mike Smith, CEO of John Mattone Global and Intelligent Leadership Coaching International. He also was a part of the U.S Air Force for 26 years and has a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, with a specialization in Leadership Development and Coaching, from Walden University. So if there was anyone ever to give a holistic and well-rounded view on the power of leadership, and how we can all utilise it; it is him.

For more of Dr. Mike Smith: 

Episode 130 - Being the Spotlight that Helps Others Shine (with Sherri Skeans)

What is it that makes someone a great supporter? How can you become one, not only to others but to yourself? Today, the team is joined by Sherri Skeans, who has worked with and supported influential people like Robin Sharma and Eric Edmeades. She shines a light on how to look after people so that they can be their best when they need to, how to manage your own battery, and how to help others shine.


Episode 129 - How Happiness Affects Peak Performance (with Dr Greg Wells)

Many of us associate working hard with dissatisfaction, either in the work or in other parts of our life. In today’s episode, we are luck enough to be joined by Dr Greg Wells; father and husband, Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto, Ted x and Titans Summit speaker, writer of 4 books and commentator for the Canadian Olympic Swimming team. He breaks down peak performance from many angles, and also gives us some of his philosophies around other parts of life that can help us all. Amazing chat and we hope you enjoy it.

Dr Greg Wells can be found here:

And his podcast can be found here, which drops every Tuesday:  




Episode 128 - What Inspires You

We have a lot of podcasts about things that you can apply to your work, your life, or your daily practice, but today we wanted to learn a bit more about the people on this podcast and what inspires them. This is a fun, funny and interesting look at what inspires the team on the ML podcast!

ML Recommendation: 

Episode 127 - R U OK: How to Be There for Someone

R U OK day is a great reminder to all of us to check in on the people around us to make sure they are doing ok. However, we don’t think it should be limited to just the one day, so in this episode the team breaks down how to be there for people every day of the year. They also talk about ways they have seen work, not work, and why they think it is important to check in.


Episode 126 - Leadership and Becoming a Great Human Being pt. 2 (with Harry Koras)

Here is part 2 of our conversation with the awesome Harry Koras. Today, we break down life, leadership and being a great human being with our dear friend and CEO of Life Worldwide Harry Koras. Harry has done it all; from founding to selling a security business, speaking at huge functions, to mentoring people from CEOs of multi-million dollar companies to blue collar hard workers, he has a great richness of experience to draw from. Plus he blast to talk to!

To find out more about Life Worldwide, check out the links below:  




Episode 125 - Leadership and Becoming a Great Human Being pt. 1 (with Harry Koras)

Another classic 2 part interview with a great guest! Today, we break down life, leadership and being a great human being with our dear friend and CEO of Life Worldwide Harry Koras. Harry has done it all; from founding to selling a security business, speaking at huge functions, to mentoring people from CEOs of multi-million dollar companies to blue collar hard workers, he has a great richness of experience to draw from. Plus he blast to talk to!

To find out more about Life Worldwide, check out the links below: 

Episode 124 - Collaboration (Quick Bite)

Here is a quick bite podcast for you this week on collaboration. This week Kanika talks about the collaborative process behind her project More Than Melanin, and how you too can begin collaborative work without the headaches that sometimes come with it.


Episode 123 - On Kindness

We all know we should be more kind, but how do we do it, and why? In today’s epiosde, the team breaks down not only why we should do it, but how to do it more effectively, not only to others, but to yourself as well.

ML Recommendation:




Episode 122 - Flow States (and How to Find Them)

Flow states are a concept that gets thrown around a bit. But what are they and how do we get into them? In today’s episode, the team breaks down what they are, how to get into them, and what they do to get into them. They also have a bigger discussion about whether you can get into a flow state by getstrying something new. ML Recommendation: Cinema Therapy – 

You can find Stu here:

and for more info on what else he is doing look here:

ML Recommendation:

Notes on Grief by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Episode 121 - Adaptability Quotient (AQ)

What is AQ and can you develop it? What makes someone more adaptable and less adaptable?

AQ is a bit of a hot button topic, and today the team bring out their ideas on not only what it is, but how you can be better at it.

The ML Recommendation:

Adam Grant – Think Again 


Episode 120 - Growing Young Leaders pt. 2 (with Stu Saunders)

Part 2 of our great 2 part chat with Stu Saunders.

In today’s episode, the team chats with Stu Saunders; founder and owner of YLCC (Youth Leadership Camps Canada) which has been running for 30 years. He also runs the OSLC (Ontario Student Leadership Conference, which is the largest multi-day youth leadership conference in Canada. He has also been awarded the Canadian Leader of Distinction award, and was named one of the top 30 leadership trainers in the world, a list that includes Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins.

He talks about how to grow young leaders, what problems today’s youth face, and how to look on the bright side.

You can find Stu here: 

and for more info on what else he is doing look here: 




Episode 119 - Growing Young Leaders pt. 1 (with Stu Saunders)

Our first ever 2 part episode! And what a guest to do it with.

In today’s episode, the team chats with Stu Saunders; founder and owner of YLCC (Youth Leadership Camps Canada) which has been running for 30 years. He also runs the OSLC (Ontario Student Leadership Conference, which is the largest multi-day youth leadership conference in Canada. He has also been awarded the Canadian Leader of Distinction award, and was named one of the top 30 leadership trainers in the world, a list that includes Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins.

He talks about how to make your kids better leaders and people after the pandemic, how to parent better, and how to become comfortable with discomfort.

You can find Stu here:

and for more info on what else he is doing look here:

ML Recommendation:

Notes on Grief by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Episode 118 - Creating Better Working Environments For Women (with Samantha Jung-Fielding)

What makes working environments poor for women, and how do we make them better? And what are the benefits for everyone if we do?

In today’s episode, our guest Samantha Jung-Fielding joins us to discuss these questions and many more. Samantha owns and runs Happinessence, and also has recently noticed a niche in the corporate world regarding making workspaces better for women. I hope you get as much out of this as we all did.

Samantha can be found here: 

And her podcast is Behavioural Alignment, which you can listen to here: 

The ML Recommendation: 


Episode 117 - Starting Again (with Eric Fenton)

Do you feel like you want to start again? Do you not know where to begin?

In today’s episode, the team breaks down what it means to start again, how to do it and how to test if it is even for you. We are joined by Danette’s brother Eric Fenton, who works with Alaska Airlines for this chat.

ML Recommendation:





Episode 116 - Experiencing Awe

What does experiencing awe really mean? How can you do it on a daily basis, and why is that good?

In today’s episode, the team breaks down what awe is, why it’s good, and what you can do to experience it. There may be more ways than you think.

ML Recommendation: 

Episode 115 - Understanding The 4 Day Work Week

Have you been hearing a lot about the 4-day work week, but not understand what it is all about?

In today’s fun episode, we break down not only what it is, but why it works, and how it may even be inevitable.


Episode 114 - Improving Online Learning (with Craig Crowther)

Do you struggle with online learning not working for your business? Do you want to be more effective at making content that makes a difference?

Today’s guest to talk about all that and more is the CEO of Cahoot Learning: Craig Crowther. Cahoot Learning is a trailblazer and the gold standard in the online learning space, and Craig is here to tell us why. He also covers how he got there, why he loves it, and how you can get better online learning for you and your company.

ML Recommendations:

– Legacy by James Kerr –

– The Eden Project – 




Episode 113 - Taking Responsibility

Do you find that no one at your work takes responsibility? Is it something that you struggle with?

In today’s great episode, the team breaks down what makes people feel they can’t be responsible, what makes people more comfortable with it, and how you can do it better to improve you and the company.

ML Recommendation: Golden: the power of silence in a world of noise by Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz

Episode 112 - Practicing Mindfulness

Is mindfulness something that you struggle with? Is it something that hasn’t worked for you in the past, or is it something that you feel is overrated?

In today’s episode, the team break down all the benefits of mindfulness, how to practice it, and how to take it a little less seriously.

Thermain Trees – How Adults get Indoctrinated   

Plum Village – 


Episode 111 - How to Stay Consistent

Do you struggle to keep something going once you start it, even if you know the end result of sticking with it will be great?

In today’s episode, the team breaks down what makes us inconsistent, what to do to stay consistent, and how to ask yourself if this is even something you want to be consistent at.




Episode 110 - Learning to Love Reading Again

Did you used to love reading, but now struggle to find the energy or motivation? Do you want to experience the wonder of reading again?

In today’s laugh filled episode, the team break down how to get back into the joy of reading, and how to not put pressure on yourself when it comes to books.

Episode 109 - Removing Self-Doubt (with Scott Woolford)

Do you struggle with Self-Doubt? Do you wonder where it came from, and how to overcome it? In today’s episode, the team break down it’s origins and how to bounce back if you are struggling with self-doubt. They are also joined by Scott Wolford, a miner who lives just outside of Narrabri, QLD to give his unique insight into the topic.


Episode 108 - Making a Mid-Life Comeback (with Kylie James)

You may have heard of a mid-life crisis, but did you know there is another way to have an important mid-life moment? It’s called a mid-life comeback, and our very special guest today has done just that. Kylie James is a coach that has changed her life, from working a job that wasn’t fulfilling, and now being able to have the freedom she was looking for. In today’s episode, she shares her journey to making her mid-life comeback, and how you can do the same.

You can find out more about Kylie here: 




Episode 107 - How to Value Add

Value Adding is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but it is also a great way to get new clients, and to have them come back. In today’s episode, the team break down what value adding is, why it’s good, and how to do it effectively, not only in business, but also for yourself.

Episode 106 - Tips for Starting a Business

If you are thinking about starting a business, it can be hard to decide on a lot of key factors. Will people want my product? Will it be successful? How much will I have to work?  In today’s sit down,  Danette talks about what she has noticed from running a business for over 24 years, but also what she has seen through other businesses in that time. 


Episode 105 - Leadership 101

If you are just starting out as a leader, there may be so much going on that it is hard to work out what you should do, what you should work on, and what you can do for your team.  In this episode, the team jumps on to give their advice from good and bad leadership they have seen, as well as some tips to make you a better leader.  




Episode 104 - Creativity For Non-Creatives

Creative or not creative is a state of mind. Whether you’re running a massive corporation, or a one person business, creativity keeps you agile and responsive to the world. In today’s special episode the team breaks down not only some of the mythology around what is and isn’t creative, but also what are some simple tips to inject it into your business (and life).

Episode 103 - Developing Your Power Skills

Many people used to think of Power Skills as “soft” skills, when really they are what make any business adaptable and successful. In today’s episode, the team talks about how powerful the power skills actually are, and how they can be used not only to improve your business, but also your life outside work. With greater awareness around listening, empathy, emotional intelligence and more, you too can improve your work life and your home and social life.


Episode 102 - Changing Your Approach

Are you finding managing people a little harder than you thought it would be? Are you finding that relationships around you aren’t developing in the same way they are for others around you? In today’s episode, the team discusses how to fix this. Many times you are just doing what has worked for you, but if that is no longer working, than this is a great episode to build some more adaptable skills.




Episode 101 - Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Are you struggling to see any good in the world? Is it hard to look forward to things? In today’s episode, the team discusses not only how to change your perspective, but also how it feels to change it. John and Allen both discuss their own journeys to a positive perspective and how that has worked out for them.  

Episode 100 - Everyday Inspiration

What are ways we can be inspired the everyday events that occur around us? How does artist Suellen Cook draw inspiration from her surroundings to make powerful composite photograph artworks?  

In today’s episode, the team is joined by artist Suellen Cook to talk about her story from Antarctica to Artist. We also learn about the journey she goes on to start and finish her projects, and what parts of the everyday give her inspiration. 

Check out her work here:    


Episode 99 - Empathy

Empathy is something that we always hear about, but why is it actually good?  In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame, John, Allen and Jez break down some of the science of empathy, the power of empathy, and taking on the challenge of being empathetic.  




Episode 98 - Getting Out of a Rut

Are you feeling like you are in a rut? Do you need something to push you out of it? In today’s episode, we are talking to the team about not only how to identify if you are in a rut, but how to get out of one, and what things can cause it.

Episode 97 - Activating Your Creativity

Do you not get the most out of your creative muscles? Are you not even sure how to start being creative?  In today’s episode, the team is joined by first timer Leggas to discuss creativity and how to activate yours.  


Episode 96 - Self-Awareness (with Claire Markwick)

Do you feel as though you are being forced into a role you don’t naturally fit into? Do you feel as though your uniqueness is being shut out?  In today’s podcast, our guest Claire Markwick felt the exact same way, and then she changed careers. She breaks down how self-awareness contributed to her founding her company Reignite Performance Coaching, to how she changed her career, to how you can be a little more self-aware. The team at ML also give their thoughts on self-awareness.  Check out Reignite Performance Coaching here to find out more about Claire and her business:  

And check out her podcast here (episode 36 has Danette in it): 




Episode 95 - Being Present with Others

Are you finding that the magic is a bit lost in your life? Do you need a richer experience  If so, you may need to be more present with others in your life. In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame, John and Jez all break down why presence is the key to feeling great, and how to become more present.  

Episode 94 - The Power of Patience

Do you find it hard to take time for yourself? Are you always feeling a little stressed? If so, you may need some more patience in your life. In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame, John, Kanika and Jez all break down why patience is important, why it’s hard to come by, and how to get more of it in your life.


Episode 93 - Starting The Year Right

Are you finding that new years resolutions are a little too hard? Are you struggling to choose ones that you even want to stick to?
In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame, Allen and Jez break down why you fail at your resolutions, what are some tips to achieve yours and even some resolutions that they all suggest for 2022.




Episode 92 - Leadership Conversation on the Isle of Man with MANX

Happy New Year (almost)! Once more, we are still on holiday, so we have the second and final episode of our unreleased interviews over the break. This was from 2019 when Danette and Grahame were doing work with the Isle of Man. You will learn a bit more about thier philosophy and their business history, as well as some good lessons for us all.

Episode 91 - Leadership Conversation at Digital Trades School, Ontario

As a little treat for the holiday season, please enjoy a previously unreleased interview with Danette and Grahame at the Digital Trades School in Ontario, Canada.


Episode 90 - What We Learned From 2021

On our last episode of the year that has been recorded in our normal format, John, Grahame, Danette and Jez look at the year that was, and the year to be. We want to thank all fo you for being great supporters of the podcast, and look forward to chatting again with you in the new year.  




Episode 89 - The Impact of Negative Experiences at the Workplace

Negative experiences at work can have a lot of reverberations not only at the workplace, but also in your life. And this can be for both employee and employer. In today’s conversation, Danette and Jez all talk about not only negative workplaces that they have worked in and the lessons they learned therein, but also how having a negative work experience can affect you short and long term.

Episode 88 - Influences in Your Life

In life, we are surrounded by influences that can make our life easier or harder. They can also bring us closer to, or farther away from our goals. In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame, John and Jez all talk about the things that influence us both positively and negatively, and how to course correct so you can start getting back on track with your goals.


Episode 87 - Making a Change

Making a change can be hard. For some people, they aren’t even sure if making a change is the right decision.  In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame and Jez all talk about the things that stop us making a change, the things that force us to change, and the ways change helps us grow.




Episode 86 - The Impact You Have on Others

Many people don’t know the impact they have on others. However, if you feel like you want to see more of your impact, this podcast may help you to be better at it.  In today’s episode, Jez is joined by Grahame, Danette, John and Kanika as they all talk about the ways you can make your impact. It may feel overwhelming, and you may not know where to start, but I think you’ll see it doesn’t have to be hard at all. 

Episode 85 - Emotional Governance for Higher Performance (with Jeremy Khoh)

Have you ever wondered how to control your emotions, especially when something heightens them? Have you ever wondered if there is a simple way to calm down and breathe? Do you want to find your purpose?  In today’s episode, the team is joined by guest Jeremy Khoh, as he breaks down the above questions, as well as some of his own amazing philosophies.


Episode 84 - How You Can Make a Difference

Do you ever feel like making a difference, but don’t know when to start? Are you afraid of making a difference?  In today’s episode, Jez is joined by Grahame Gerstenberg (CEO), Danette Fenton-Menzies (Dir. of Learning), John Scollen (Senior Facilitator) and Kanika Chopra (Content Creator Wizard) as they all talk about the ways you can make a difference. It may feel overwhelming, but I think you’ll see it doesn’t have to be at all.



Episode 83 - Leadership in the Workplace

Are you someone who feels like there needs to be more leadership in your workplace? Do you want to be a leader, but not know where to start? In today’s episode, Danette, Grahame, John, Allen and Jez all tackle this topic through different lenses, and look at the difference between leadership and mentorship, and how important Self-Awareness is to a leader.

Episode 82 - Bringing Positivity into the Workplace

Do you find that your business has a negative energy? Are you not sure how to change it?  In today’s episode, Jez is joined by Grahame Gerstenberg (CEO), Danette Fenton-Menzies (Dir. of Learning), John Scollen (Senior Facilitator) and they all talk about the ways you can affect positivity in the workplace, and how that can improve your company as a whole.