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Danette and Grahame have over 30 years experience in business, and have over 20 years experience as facilitators and consultants. With a holistic view, these podcasts cover not only how to improve your business, but how to help your employees enjoy their work, and how to improve yourself.

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Episode 32 – Goal Setting and Delegation (Webinar Recording)

Do you struggle giving other people tasks to do? Do you try and do everything yourself? In this webinar from our free webinar series, Danette gives you some tips and trick on how to avoid being the centre of your business’ world. You can also watch this webinar on our Youtube channel.

Episode 31 – The Power of Journaling

What is something Albert Einstein, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin all have in common? They all kept journals; some we have to this very day! Journaling is an underrated (but highly important) way to make sure that not only do you remember what you have thought about, but also what you have learned. You can use it when you are older to teach people what you were like when you were their age.

Episode 30 – Creativity and Innovation Webinar Recording

I had to make this one a podcast because it was so good. Enjoy our 30th episode as a special treat to you for being great listeners. You can also view this podcast if you want to watch it on our Youtube channel here.

Episode 29 – Gratitude: The Miracle Drug

Do you want to see an increase in all aspects of your happiness? Do you want to feel calm, relaxed and thankful? In this episode, Danette gets into the weeds about how gratitude can not only improve your mood, but improve your life.

Episode 28 – How to Learn Online

Do you struggle with online classes? Do you find learning online at uni, or even just for fun hard when you are separated from your instructor? As we have launched ML Live and ML Academy, this is one of our most requested topics, so we thought we should to a podcast on it.

Episode 27 – The Importance of Coaching

Have you ever wondered why people would hire a professional coach? What does a professional coach even do? In this podcast, Danette not only tells you what a coach does, but also gives you some examples of things she does when coaching people in the professional field. If you have ever had any questions about professional coaching, this episode is for you!

Episode 26 – How to Communicate Effectively in Online Meetings

Do you find people struggling to stay engaged and interested when in online meetings? Are you finding it hard to keep people’s attention. In this episode, Danette give you some great tips to making people want to stay engaged and interested in what you have to say!

Episode 25 – Getting Out in Nature

We all know that getting out into nature is good for us. But the question is, what are the actual benefits? In this episode, Danette breaks down why you should spend some time looking at or being in nature, and what that could do for your efficiency, productivity and mental health.

Episode 24 – Where are you leaking time?

Do you feel like you are losing time being busy, and not sure how to achieve your goals? In this episode, Danette finds your areas leaking time, and helps you make sure you are on the right path, as efficiently as possible. As mentioned in the podcast, our ML Live early bird special is on right now for our September Classes.

Episode 23 – Growth: The Science and Simple Techniques

Want to know a little bit about growth? Do you want to keep growing? In this episode, piggybacking off our last episode, Danette lays out her research and life experience in the realm of Growth. As mentioned in the podcast, our ML Live early bird special is on right now for our September Classes.

Episode 22 – Change = Uncomfortable = Growth

Do you feel comfortable in your life, but feel like you are just treading water, and not going in the direction you want to go? In this podcast, Danette discusses one of the mottos we have here at Magical Learning, which is Change = Uncomfortable = Growth. She gives you a way to rate and review your days to begin heading in the right direction.

Episode 21 – Kindness

Do you love random acts of kindness as much as Danette? In this episode, Danette analyses kindness from all angles, and gives you some great tips on how to be kind to yourself and others.

Episode 20 – Sitting in Uncertainty

Are you having a tough time staying calm during this disruption? Does it feel tough and hard to understand, and hard to work out what you should be doing? In this episode, Grahame joins us to help you reframe and adjust to this time, and gives you important tips to keep yourself calm and in the game.

Episode 19 – Rain on a Tin Roof

Today, we are bringing you a slightly different episode. Danette talks to you about legacy and the story of her farm, all over the soothing sounds of rain on a tin roof. We hope you enjoy this slightly different approach, it was really enjoyable to record.

Episode 18 – Curiosity

Are you struggling to find you curiosity? Are you finding it hard to make new improvements to your business? In this episode, Danette offers her advice on her favourite mindset, being curious! The link that she refers to in this episode can be found here.

Episode 17 – How to Improve and Build Habits with Celebration!

Ever wondered why you can’t quite seem to form the habits you want? Or even worse, they begin to disappear after you get in a rhythm? In this episode, Danette tells you how she develops her habits, so that she can improve by 1% constantly, which amounts to a lot by the end of the year.

Episode 16 – Growing Employee Engagement

Are you struggling to connect with your employees during this disruption? Are you finding it hard to keep them engaged? In these times, Grahame offers his wisdom (with a healthy dash of quotes) to help you keep your employees engaged and ready to thrive. This recording it taken from our free June 2020 webinar. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 15 – Embracing Fear

Are you feeling a bit directionless at the moment? In this episode, Danette helps you to use fear as your guide to growth and a more fulfilling life. If you are feeling afraid of anything, this is the podcast for you!

Episode 14 – Morning Rituals for Success

Have you struggled to find your groove during the COVID-19 disruption? Are you wondering what you should do about it? In this podcast, Danette tells you about her approach to the morning ritual, as well as some steps you can take the night before to have a great night’s sleep. Plus it is all recorded over the soothing sounds of the outdoors in the Australian countryside.

Episode 13 – Life-Work Balance

Are you working from home now, and struggling to separate work from life? Are you struggling to find any time for yourself or to put yourself first? In this podcast, Danette lays out some techniques and ways to make sure that you are feeling good in this disruption.

Episode 12 – Minute Taking for Beginners

What do you struggle with when you try to take minutes? Is it the pressure? Do you know exactly what your role is? Did you never get formal training? Magical Learning is proud to announce our first course that you can take completely online, and not only that, but it is free. In this episode, Jez and Grahame discuss the course, what you can get out of it, and how to sign up. Add to your professional resume with this awesome course.

Episode 11 – Great Questions: A Conversation

What makes a great question? What does a great question do to you? In this episode, Danette and Grahame have a conversation talking about great questions that have changed their life, and questions that you can ask yourself to change yours. This is our first conversational episode, and if you want to join the conversation with great questions you have been asked or thought about, please let us know! Also this is recorded outside, so you can enjoy the peaceful wind-chimes in the background.

Episode 10 – Why Have Some Businesses & People Thrived During This Disruption?

Have you been wondering why during this disruption, why some people have been seeming to do well and cope while others are struggling? In this outdoor episode, Danette helps you to not only identify if you aren’t doing well, but gives you some easy tips to puts yourself in the right direction.

Episode 9 – Mental Health and Resilience

Are you feeling a little less resilient? Has COVID got you down a bit? In this episode, Danette offers you some tips not only on how to notice signs that you are beginning to feel down, but also some quick and easy tips to get you back on your feet. This episode was recorded out on the farm, and we get a few crows as guests. That’s just what living out of the city is like. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 8 – The Magic of Lifelong Learning

Do you want to know how to become a lifelong learner? Are you excited to learn how to enjoy learning? In this podcast, Grahame gives you tips and a mentality to become a lifelong learner, why it’s important, and elevate your career prospects. This recording it taken from our free May 2019 webinar. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 7 – Communicating In Multi-Generational Teams

Learn some simple yet powerful strategies for communicating more effectively with team members spanning multiple generations. In this podcast you will learn the characteristics of different generations, how to communicate and inspire more effectively with the different members of your team, and strategies and tools to promote greater respect and teamwork within a multi-generational team. This recording it taken from our free February 2019 webinar. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 6 – Meet Your Teachers: Danette and Grahame

If you are listening to this podcast, and you don’t know what Magical Learning is, and who these people are that are telling you all this, this is the perfect introduction. Beyond having over 30 years in business, they are also true facilitators of bringing out your potential. To learn a little more about who you will be learning from, have a listen to this. This is taken from a fireside chat with Digital Trades School, Ontario.

Episode 5 – Transitioning To Working From Home

As this disruption continues, more of us are being asked to work from home. For many of us, this is a completely new way of working and it presents challenges we haven’t experienced before. Today, Danette explores how you can work effectively and harness technology to increase productivity, increase your resilience and wellbeing, and stay connected with others. This recording is taken from our How You Can Thrive During Disruption webinar series. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 4 – Helping Your Children To Learn At Home

As many children are now learning from home we wanted to support you to make their learning effective. Join Danette as she looks at the latest science, as well as tried and tested methods, to help you help you kids thrive during this disruption. You will learn about the latest brain science, the different ways we learn, the importance of breaks and some great tips and tricks to help your children learn more effectively. This recording is taken from our How You Can Thrive During Disruption webinar series. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 3 – Leading Remote Teams Through Disruption

As more of us are relocating our work desk to home, managers and team leaders are also facing new challenges and opportunities, in keeping their teams focused, productive and connected. Join Grahame as he gives insights and tips on how to manage this ever-changing scenario head-on. Learn how to understand your team members better, bring focus and clarity to virtual meetings, and increase communication. This recording is taken from our How You Can Thrive During Disruption webinar series. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 2 – Adapting to Change

In this uncertain time, it can feel difficult to keep your head above water. Join Danette as she takes you through steps to not only better survive through change, but to actually thrive! Learn about Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and why it is the ‘new competitive advantage’ according to Harvard Business Review. This recording is taken from our February 2020 free webinar. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Episode 1 – Improving Employee Appreciation

Are you going through a lot of staff in your workplace, or feeling under-appreciated as a staff member in your organisation? In this episode, Danette offers some advice on how to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, leading to greater workplace satisfaction and job retention. This recording is taken from our March 2020 free webinar. For a more visual experience, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.


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