by Hugh Mackay

This month Danette talks about The Inner Self, a great book for self exploration and discovery. This book talks about the process where we don’t live our most authentic life, and instead pretend to be someone we are not and the reasons we might do this, for example: you don’t want to rock the boat for those around us, fear, don’t like change, etc. It also talks about the Top 20 hiding spaces we use to hide from our true self, for example in focus on work, addiction, guilt and shame, and Mackay effectively uses case studies to demonstrate his points. Danette highly recommends this book to those that are looking to start your transformation during the disruption.



by Paramahansa Yogananda

In this book review, Grahame talks about the widely popular Autobiography of a Yogi – a book he considers one of the most incredible books he has read in the last 30 years. The book is written by one of the most influential spiritual leaders from India and covers topics such as magic, science, life force, out-of-body experiences, breath control and the benefits of yoga. Grahame’s advice? Buy a copy and read it – it will fundamentally change what you think is possible.



by Deborah H. Gruenfeld

In this month’s book review, Danette talks about how this book explores the topic of power from different viewpoints in a really interesting way. Gruenfeld talks about how most leaders choose the ‘power up’ move, but implores readers to consider the ‘power down’ move which can help instil trust. She also includes some great techniques to deal with people who are using their power inappropriately. Danette very highly recommends this book for people new to leadership roles!



By Meera Lee Patel

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This month’s book review is Meela Lee Patel’s story with her relationship to fear and the magic she found by walking toward it, not cowering away from it. Danette thinks this book is profound and as you read it, you can feel yourself shift in terms of your personal relationship to fear. A beautiful book inside and out, Danette highly recommends that you check this one out!



By Jim Kwik

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Danette reviews Jim Kwik’s latest book, Limitless which is all about helping us to use our brains more efficiently and effectively. The book focuses on 3 areas that help us understand learning better; mindset, motivations and methods, and even includes mental exercises that you can do as the reader to embed what you are learning. Danette highly recommends reading this “cracker of a book”, especially if your focus and memory could be better.



By Kitty Flanagan

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In this review, Danette talks about how much she enjoyed 488 Rules For Life. In the book, Kitty shares the rules she lives her life by, including rules on parenting, lifestyle, health and wellbeing, working in the office, technology, and going to the shops. This book had Danette in tears of laughter (which is not surprising given the author) and of course she highly recommends this book for people that are looking for something interesting and fun.



By Claudia Hammond

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Danette reviews The Art of Rest in a time of disruption when we need to rest the most. The book is based on a survey named ‘The Rest Test’ that interviewed 18,000 people from 135 different countries and produces a Top Ten list of best ways to rest. At the end of the book there is a chapter dedicated to providing the reader with the ‘Perfect Prescription for Rest’ that they can build themselves. Danette highly recommends this book so go check it out!


The Intelligent Leader

By John Mattone

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This book is written by John Mattone who is widely considered the #1 executive coach in the world. In this book, he includes lots of details, frameworks, case studies, example scenarios, and more to lead you through his 7 Dimensions of Intelligent Leadership model. Grahame thinks this book is fantastic for those who want to lead better and be better.


Tiny Habits

By BJ Fogg

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How good are you at sticking to your New Year’s revolutions? If your answer is not great, this book will give you 7 easy steps that will help you flip how you think about change and implementing new habits, including only making small changes and celebrating yourself as you go. Danette loved this book, and you will too.



By Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles

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Ikigai examines some of the oldest people in Japan and seeks to understand their secrets of life, longevity and happiness. This easy-to-read book helps you figure out your life purpose, or your “reason to get out of bed in the morning” and encourages the reader to take life slowly. Jez highly recommends this book for people who need a bit of guidance in their life.


Vital Force

By Rajshree Patel

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Another fabulous read, Vital Force clearly and concisely explains the benefits from understanding your brain better and fostering moments of calm. Rajshree includes a model of the brain in the form of an iceberg that helps explain where true wisdom and quiet are. We highly recommend this book if you want to have more energy and go home feeling better at the end of the day.


Stop Talking, Start Influencing

By Jared Cooney Horvath

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A book Danette has labelled ‘fabulous’, Stop Talking, Start Influencing is a book that will help you present and teach better by giving you a bunch of practical strategies to improve your technique. This book also give you great tips on memory recall, how to engage audiences, and how to create great material.



Big Potential

By Shawn Achor

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Danette has finished reading Shawn Achor’s book Big Potential and she absolutely loved it! This book is great for teaching you how to bring out the true potential of yourself and others She highly recommends it for increasing employee engagement and empowering those around you!



A Book That Takes Its Time

By Irene Smit & Astrid van der Hulst

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Kanika and Allegra both had a lot of fun going through this book which includes bound-in postcards, mini-journals, stickers, decorative papers for collaging, activities, and more. We recommend this book for it’s fun and creative style, and also its very important focus on mindfulness. Very good for those who are creative, and visual or kinaesthetic learners.