Professional Minute Taking


  • Do you sometimes get anxious when taking minutes during a meeting?
  • Perhaps you wonder why they picked on you instead of someone else?
  • Do you struggle to identify what’s important in all of the “chatter” and what you can safely ignore?
  • Do you find yourself slipping behind when you try to record everything that’s said?
  • Would you prefer to walk into a meeting feeling calm, collected and confident?

Join us for the fun, interactive workshop that has helped thousands of Australians become more confident and competent at taking notes in meetings – and transcribing those into professional minutes.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • understand the neuroscience behind your role as ‘secretary’ in a meeting
  • learn how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to be at your peak
  • explore the key steps to world-class preparation
  • understand how to stay focused and alert during any meeting
  • learn how to take effective notes in meetings
  • practice transcribing your notes into professional minutes
  • learn where you can get ongoing support.

Should You Apply?

This workshop is a must for you… if you want to improve your confidence in:

  • preparing professionally for a meeting
  • staying calm, focused and energised throughout a meeting
  • taking fast, accurate and relevant notes
  • identifying what to record and what to ignore
  • transcribing your notes into professional minutes.

2020 Program Dates

Your Investment

Your investment ($895, incl GST) in your learning and development includes:

  • a one-day, intensive and highly practical workshop
  • a 12-week support campaign following the workshop, to embed your learning
  • free access to an online community of professional minute takers.

Have Questions?

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