November Newsletter 2019


How quickly has this year flown by! Danette has just returned from running a two day workshop in Ghana, Africa and we are all a little excited that it is not long now till the summer holidays. Though there is still much work to do before we take some time to relax. Some of the workshops Magical Learning will be running this month include: 

Some of these events will be open for all of you to attend with a fee. We are also happy to chat with you if you’re interested in running any of these courses for your own organisation. You can email us at for the same.

In November we are focusing on ways to Help You Become More Productive. This is so important as it allows you to achieve more in less time. Hopefully these productivity skills will create more time for you to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

On a side note, we have gotten some feedback that some servers are blocking some of our links, to access all of our links we recommend using your phone, or a personal computer or device. If you have anymore feedback we’d love to hear it.

Wishing you a magical month,
Danette, Grahame and the ML Team

Helpful Resources on Strengthening relationships

Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

Here are some tips based on an HRDaily article.
1) Provide Employees with the Right Technology
2) Cross-Training and Development
3) Improve Company Culture
4) Communicate Effectively
5) Set Goals and Analyse Performance

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Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Here’s a sample of the content we’ll be sharing this month. For the deep dive, follow us on social media!

4 Scientifically Proven Methods To Increase Your Productivity By David Hassell

A Method To x100 Your Productivity by Robin Sharma

Productivity Techniques To Try When You’re In A Slump by Anthony Saladino

New Learning Opportunities

FREE WEBINAR: Powerful Productivity Hacks – How to Get More Done – SIGN UP QUICK! Its on tomorrow!
7 November @ 10:00 am – 10:45 am (AEDT)

Ever wonder why some people can get more done in less time? Is it because they’re smarter? Faster? Stronger? Paid more? How about: none of the above? In this 45-minute webinar you will discover:
• Common barriers to getting more done each day
• How to identify where you use (and lose) your time
• 3 powerful ways to boost your productivity.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

CPA WEBINAR: Becoming a Powerful Communicator as a Finance Leader 19 Nov, 02:00pm – 03:00pm (AEST)
Non-Member Price: AUD 57.50 Incl. GST

In this one-hour webinar we will discuss ways you to build your communication confidence to influence others as a finance leader. Key topics:
• How confident finance leaders communicate to influence others
• Why it is important to develop your confidence in communicating as a finance leader
• How to communicate confidently as a finance leader.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

APS ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Minute Taking Skills
APS Learning Centre, Canberra, 21st November
Price: AUD 675.00 excl. GST

In this one day workshop you will:
• Look at the purpose of meetings and taking minutes.
• Understand the duties and responsibilities of a minute taker.
• Discover good minute-taking techniques and explore different minute presentation styles.
• Learn how to prepare and follow-up after the meeting.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

IPA WEBINAR: Communicating Effectively As An Accounting Leader – 28 November 2019, 1:00pm to 2:30pm (AEDT) 
Non-Member Price: AUD 150.00 Incl. GST

In this webinar we will discuss ways to communicate more effectively as an accounting and finance leader.
• We will also cover how to improve team communication to reduce misunderstandings and conflict.
• You can bring your communications challenges along for discussion on the day.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

Book Of The Month: Stop Talking, Start Influencing By Jared Cooney Horvath

Reviewed by Danette Fenton-Menzies

Did You Know?

We specialise in developing new learning programs (based on the latest best practice and science) and tailoring existing programs to meet your specific needs.

If you are looking for a learning partner to create bespoke or personalised training for your organisation, please contact us for more information.

From all of us here at Magical Learning.

“Make each day your masterpiece.”
John Wooden