As the new financial year starts, Danette and Grahame are off to Tasmania for a few days of rest and relaxation. Then they start travelling with work to Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Melbourne. As a few of you might have already seen, on the 16th and 17th of July we our running our new AQ Leaders Program in Canberra. Just after that Danette heads off for another two weeks to the Isle of Man, to run the ManX Leaders program. Last month we also had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with our very own Coach Robin Sharma, at the Personal Mastery Academy in Toronto.

Our theme this month is Building a World Class Team. As the world is changing so rapidly we need our teams to be able to adapt, thrive, and to help our organisations perform at their best. Our focus this month on world-class teams covers what the best teams are doing across the globe. With these insights you will have some ideas, strategies and tools to help your team move towards being world-class in what they do. This month’s BOOK REVIEW also involves a special GIVEAWAY, so don’t disregard this email before you check that out!

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Grahame, Danette and the Magical Learning Team.

Five Steps to Building An Effective Team

As Hellen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

  1. Step 1: Establish leadership.

    Step 2: Establish relationships with each of your employees

    Step 3: Build relationships between your employees.

    Step 4: Foster teamwork.

    Step 5: Set ground rules for the team.

    For more on these steps, read this Article

New Learning Opportunities

AQ Leadership 16 July @ 9:00 am – 17 July @ 4:30 pm

Price: $1400AUD for two days


This two-day program addresses the critical skills you need as a leader to adapt and thrive through change. Learn how to improve your adaptability quotient (AQ), which the Harvard Business Review describes as the ‘new competitive advantage.’ This highly interactive course will provide you with the necessary skills and tools to be able to effectively lead yourself and others through change.


  • Understand adaptability quotient (AQ) and why it is becoming more important than EQ in the workplace
  • Understand the skills you need to develop to build your AQ
  • Deepen your ability to thrive during with change and uncertainty
  • Develop ways to constantly re-skill and innovate to stay up-to-date during change
  • Boost your mental agility and growth mindset to improve your decision-making
  • Develop your skills to grow your team’s AQ
  • Practical tools and techniques to confidently lead through change and uncertainty.


This program a must for you if you are:

  • Interested in learning how to lead effectively during change
  • An existing leader or manager looking to future-proof yourself and your team.

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FREE WEBINAR: Building A World-Class Team
18 July @ 10:00 am – 10:45 am

Why do some teams out-perform all others in the same organisation or business? Are they smarter? Younger? Better educated? Do they have more resources? The answer may astonish you – but the good news is it’s none of the above….

In this 45-minute webinar you will discover:
• The key elements of a world-class team
• How to engage your team in leading through change
• How to build ‘Adaptability Intelligence’ in your team
• 5 strategies to develop your team.

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Each of our programs can be customised and delivered run in-house for your organisation.
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Helpful Resources

Here’s a sample of the content we’ll be sharing online this month. For the deep dive, follow us online!

When Is Teamwork Really Necessary? by Michael D. Watkins

The Science, Art And Heart Of Teamwork  by Camille Preston and Forbes Coaches Councils

Build a Tower, Build a Team by Tom Wujec | TED Talks


Book Of The Month + GIVEAWAY

For our Giveaway at Magical Learning, we are so happy to announce that the winner will receive a copy of the book, Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader by Marc Lesser.

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And now the book review…..

Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader by Marc Lesser

Reviewed by Danette Fenton-Menzies
The author, Marc Lesser, helped create Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself’ mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program. I have read many articles on the success of this program and so was excited to learn the actual approach. One of the reasons this program was created was that just doing an emotional intelligence program, without combining mindfulness, was not getting the results that organisations wanted from their leaders.

While the book focuses on practices for leaders, these practices can be used in any part of your life. The book is easy to read and covers simple practices to help you become more mindful.

What I love is that this book is written recognising that our lives are complicated. This makes the seven practices so helpful. They are designed to help us be more present and to experience more of our actual lives, messes and all.

If you want to improve your leadership and emotional intelligence skills then this book is a must read.

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