ML memo: Leadership and Social Influence

As the days get cooler (at least where we live) it is a lovely time to reflect and slow down a bit. We love the rhythms of nature as they allow for everything to happen in its own time. We can’t be go, go, go all the time. We need to slow down to refuel.

This month’s theme is about Leadership and Social Influence. To be the best leader we need to take time out to relax and renew ourselves. By doing this we have the best chance of creating positive social influence. We will share more great tips and tools on our theme in our Masterclass on 30 March. We hope to see you there.

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Have you always wanted to make your passion project? Have you wanted to uplift the voices of the underrepresented? Today’s guest, Kanika Chopra, has done just that through her zine ‘More Than Melanin’ – a creative publication where all contributors are people of colour. In this episode, Danette and Kanika talk about the why behind the zine, and what tips Kanika has for people wanting to lead, or learn more about, the space. You can also contribute to/ get a copy of the next More than Melanin zine here

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In this video, learn why active learning is a skill we all need. Understand the brain science behind active learning, and arm yourself with tools and techniques to future proof your own learning and growth.

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‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’

John Quincy Adams

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