March Newsletter 2020


Wow, how quickly did February fly by? We spent the last week of February exploring parts of New Zealand’s North Island. In addition to rest and recovery, we also spent time planning and developing new courses and resources to support your growth and development this year. And we enjoyed a twilight tour and evening feast at the Hobbiton Movie Set, which was amazing (another item ticked off Grahame’s bucket list).

Our theme for March is Employee Appreciation.

Did you know that 37% of respondents to the survey question: ‘What is the most important thing that your manager or company currently does that would cause you to produce great work?’ replied that ‘more personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more often.’ (O.C. Tanner)

Another study showed that 67% of employees are happier and more productive when managers focus on the positive aspects of their performance.

As managers and leaders, we often miss opportunities to encourage our people to produce better work more consistently, because we focus on what our employees haven’t done – rather than noticing (and appreciating) what they have done. With a simple change in focus, managers and leaders can improve employee engagement results without spending more money. More engaged employees lead to more collaborative and productive workplaces.

Our free webinar this month will address Employee Appreciation and we’ll share some great tips for boosting appreciation in your workplaces. We’ll also be sharing other helpful resources through our social media channels.

Make your March a magical month,

The Magical Learning Team

What we’re doing this month…

Business Consulting

We’re excited to be leading some innovative projects with clients this month, including:

  • Reframing company values and vision; realigning supported behaviours to strengthen organisation culture across 20 locations in NSW and QLD.
  • Creating a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ framework for a corporate client – including policy, procedures, training and ongoing support.

Training Programs

We’re delivering a lot of in-house programs with clients this month. Our public programs kick off again in April:

3-5 March – Management in Action; Fair Work Ombudsman, Melbourne

11 March – Financial Framework; Treasury, Canberra

12 March – Managing Relationships and Communication with Clients; DVA, Sydney

13 March – Minute Taking Skills; DHS, Canberra

16 March – Lunchtime talk to Defence Accounting Network; Dept of Defence, Canberra

16 March – Adaptive Leadership; AusIndustry, Canberra

17 March – Developing Your Negotiation Skills as a Finance Leader; CPA Australia Leadership for Finance Professionals webinar

17 March – Strategic Planning; Wagga Business Chamber, Wagga Wagga

18 March – Strategy and Leadership; Riverina Oils and Bioenergy, Melbourne

19 March – Managing Stress and Resilience; AusIndustry, Melbourne

19 March – Finance for Non-Finance Board Members; CPA NFP Conference, Melbourne

24-26 March– Management in Action; Fair Work Ombudsman, Sydney

27 March – Team Building and Communications; Riverina Oils and Bioenergy, Wagga Wagga

30 March – Diversity and Inclusion; Riverina Oils and Bioenergy, Melbourne

31 March – Minute Taking Skills; Dept of Defence, Melbourne.

Executive Coaching

We’re currently working with CEO/Executive clients in Australia, Dubai, Africa, Europe and Hong Kong. Our client’s industries include Manufacturing, Technology, Government, Utilities, Banking and Finance.

Helpful Resources on Strengthening relationships

Ways To Appreciate Your Employees Work

Here are some tips on how to appreciate those who work for and with you.

  1. Praise their efforts on social media
  2. Encourage feedback
  3. Give them extra time off
  4. Offer new up-skilling and learning opportunities
  5. Offer team awards

Learn More

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Here’s a sample of the content we’ll be sharing this month. For the deep dive, follow us on social media!

6 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them — Without Paying Them More by Chirag Kulkarni

5 Eye-Opening HR Stats: Why Employee Recognition Matters by Sarah Clayton

Creating a Culture of Recognition by Claire Hastwell

New Learning Opportunities

Free WEBINAR: Adapting to Change

18 February @ 11:00 am – 11:45 am (AEDT)

In our first webinar for 2020, we will explore:

  • Why it is important to adapt to change.
  • What ‘Adaptability Intelligence’ (AQ) means.
  • How AQ can help you future-proof your career.
  • 4 simple tools and techniques to be more adaptable.

CLICK HERE to register

Public Programs

Click the links below to learn more about or register for our April public workshops:

Thursday 9 April – Adapting Leadership, Canberra

Wednesday 22 April – Professional Minute Taking, Melbourne

Thursday 23 April – Adapting Leadership, Melbourne

Wednesday 29 April – Professional Minute Taking, Sydney

Thursday 30 April – Adapting Leadership, Sydney.

We create and customise bespoke learning programs for clients throughout Australia. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your organisation.

Book Of The Month: The Intelligent Leader by John Mattone

Reviewed by Grahame Gerstenberg

Did You Know?

We specialise in developing new learning programs, based on the latest best practice and science. We also tailor existing programs to meet your specific needs.

If you are looking for a learning partner to create bespoke or tailored training for your organisation, please contact us for more information.

From all of us here at Magical Learning.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
Albert Einstein