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*  This program will be delivered via Zoom, 1:00pm – 5:00pm (AEDT) across Monday 7, Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 November 2022.

Successful executives don’t invest in executive coaching: they invest in results.

John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Certification is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program which has earned the reputation as being one of the premier executive coach development programs offered anywhere in the world.

John Mattone, the world’s top executive coach and the former coach to Steve Jobs, has personally certified over 300 global executive coaches (representing 46 countries and growing) as IL executive coaches, since March 2017—when the IL Certification Program was launched.

The IL Executive Coaching Certification Program will ignite your coaching career, exponentially grow your business and brand as an executive coach and, enable you to offer your clients a proven executive coaching philosophy, process and unique leadership coach development tools guaranteed to produce results and a powerful ROI.

Discover the unique and powerful components of the IL Executive Coaching Blueprint created and mastered by John Mattone who, since re-launching his business in 2011, has grown his executive coaching brand and business to what it is today—becoming one of the most in-demand CEO coaches in the world.

Now you can become certified in this unique executive coaching process made famous by John Mattone and learn directly from the man himself. The IL Executive Coaching ‘Initial Mastery’ Certification is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and approved for 22.25 Coaching Continuation Education (CCEs) Units and 21.75 Core Credits.


Level 1 – Bronze Badge: Intelligent Leadership Initial Mastery Certification

Becoming certified as a Level 1 IL Certified Executive Coach gives you an overview of the IL philosophy, process, and tools.

As a coach, this is your entry into the Intelligent Leadership Coaching community and is mandatory to progress towards full mastery of the IL Coaching Systemn  Your Level I IL Certification includes continuous secure access to our 250-page IL Certification Resource Manual.

We know from experience that your ability to apply IL and positively impact your clients only comes with a deeper understanding gleaned through (at least) achieving the Level 2 IL Advanced Mastery Certification.

Executive coaches with a passion for ongoing personal growth and coaching excellence will continue their IL journey to become a Level 3 Master Certified IL Executive Coach.

Level 2 – Silver Badge:  IL Advanced Mastery Certification

To further develop your IL Coaching competence, you must successfully complete all five of the advanced IL executive coaching ‘deep dive’ programs, each of which is ICF accredited:

  • The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) Program (10 Core CCEs).
  • The Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index (STLl-360) Program (21.50 CCEs; 1 1 Core CCEs).
  • Core Purpose (10 Core CCEs).
  • The Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning Process (19.75 CCEs; 1 1.5 Core CCEs).
  • The IL Stakeholder & LeaderWatch Process and Tool (10 Core CCEs).

Your Level 2 IL Certification includes continuous secure access to our 1000-page IL Certification Resource Manual.

Level 3 – Gold Badge: IL Executive Coach Master Certification

To be awarded the coveted Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach Certification, you must successfully complete the following John Mattone Global proprietary advanced certification programs:

1.  Intelligent Leadership® Speakers Bootcamp™

Learn the keys to captivating your audience whether you are speaking to one person, five, twenty-five, two hundred fifty, or two thousand five hundred. We will give you the tips and tools you need to move your audience whether you are speaking in person or virtually. This is a 4-hour session.

2.  The Intelligent Leader: The 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy.

Learn how to deliver a powerful speech, webinar, half-day or full-day workshop utilizing the key principles in John Mattone’s bestselling book. This is a 4-hour session.

3.  Culture and Culture Transformation

Learn how to deliver a powerful speech, webinar, half-day or full-day workshop utilizing the key principles in John Mattone’s bestselling book. This is a 4-hour session.

4.  Culture Assessment and C-Level Retreat

Learn about John Mattone Global’s proprietary 5 Cultures of Culture Assessment (5CCA) and Cultural Transformation Readiness Assessment-40 (CTRA-40) and learn how to deploy these powerful assessments.

You will also learn how to conduct a 3-day C-Level retreat where assessment results are shared, debriefed and culture transformation action planning begins. This is a 4-hour session.

5.  Intelligent Leadership® Online Academy

The Future of Leadership Development, Now. Once you become an ILCI Licensee, you can offer your clients one of the world’s top online coaching and leadership development programs. ILOA is a SaaS platform and program based on the IL philosophy, process and proprietary tools that will enable you to bring cost-effective, world-class executive coaching to everyone.

The ILCI Headquarters Team will certify you to position and sell ILOA so that you can scale your impact as an ILCI coach while you earn significant revenue. This is a 4-hour session

6.  Intelligent Leadership® Coaching Marketing Success System

Learn the secrets to growing your brand and business utilizing tactical marketing tips and strategies John Mattone and John Mattone Global have used to grow the world’s #1 executive coaching brand. This is a 4-hour session.

Your Level 3 IL Certification includes continuous secure access to our 1,500-page IL Certification Resource Manual.


    IL Coaching Process


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