Everyone at Magical Learning loves to read! If you’re the same, here are a few ways in which you can maximise your learning according to our Director of learning: Danette Fenton Menzies.  

On deciding what to read… 

Let’s start with when you first go to a bookstore. Danette says it’s important to look at all the sections of the shop. Read the reviews of the book you select. Read the back, the front, all the easily accessible information so you’re making an informed decision on what you choose to read. Does it pertain to an area in which you’d like to grow? Is it a new fascinating subject?  

All of these are great ways to decide what to read!  

While you read… 

When you do start to read, it’s important to stop and question yourself. For example, how does this relate to what I already know? How does this change what I already know? Who can I share this book with? How can this book help others?  

It’s also important to be mindful while reading. Using sticky notes for concepts that are new to you, or journaling so you can think of ways in which to apply your learnings is another way to get the most out of your book.  

New learnings mean you have to update your own knowledge!   

Reading before bed is also a good way to subconsciously absorb ideas and have your brain work with them while you’re asleep and you can approach it with fresh eyes in the morning.