I missed the New Year boat it seems, but it’s never too late to get started.  I’m sitting in my Hotel room just outside Boulder CO, watching the snow drift down and wondering if I’ll be able to get out for my flight home tomorrow – snow isn’t something we have to deal with much in Australia.

Every January brings with it a sense of renewal; perhaps it’s hope for a better year than last, a firm (initially) commitment to make the changes in our life that we longed for just a few weeks back, a simple yet powerful elevation in our energy levels as we look down the tunnel of another year towards what we trust is a cleaner, truer light.

I’ve been in Boulder for a week; without question one of the most challenging weeks of my life – in a good way. That voice in my head notes smugly that I could have – should have – done this years ago. And while I hear that voice, I choose to accept that I wasn’t ready to be here until now.

My week has included a range of ‘therapies’ centred on how I relate to my body and its energy. I also experienced my first-ever Sweat Lodge: 5 hours in a teepee with a small group, reflecting on who I was, where I’ve been and where I want to go.  I want to do that again, soon.

Most of the past week has been about me; now I’d like to pivot and focus on you.

What do you desire most, in 2018?  What are your Big 5 goals for this year…  the 5 things that – when you achieve them – will make this year an absolute standout for you? That will have you reflecting on 31 December that 2019 couldn’t possibly be better?

If you don’t have a Big 5 yet, please set aside some time this week to think about your goals for this year, and then WRITE THEM DOWN.

There is something powerful about written goals, so make multiple copies of your Big 5 and post them wherever you can see them during your day.  Share your goals with someone you trust; ask them if they’ll be your Inspiration Buddy during the year, because most of us (me included) sometimes need a gentle nudge to keep us on track and heading in our direction, rather than someone else’s.

My hope for each of you is that you create a 2018 experience that elevates your energy and your capacity to contribute to your world.

Start today…