Here’s a curated list of great questions you can use to better engage with your teams. The process of asking questions helps your staff feel valued and important and is reassuring and refreshing to everyone.

1. What process can be fixed or improved?  Simple or complex, allowing your employees to speak up on process empowers them and keeps them constantly thinking of making things better for everyone.

2. What inspires you to succeed every day?  We can chalk challenges up to “having a bad day” or we can be way more analytical. Create the realization that employees can seek people or experiences that will influence their success.

3. Was there a recent team discussion or meeting where you did not get to share your thoughts? Share them here now… Introverts tend to need more time to think through an idea and they often get interrupted or out-shouted by extroverts on the team. Asking this question in written form, with time to answer, allows managers to shine a light on their hidden genius.

4. When do you have the most fun at work? After a rough or stressful week, asking this question can provide a much needed reminder that people do indeed have a good time at the office. If the answer is “never”, it’s time to presence the importance of downtime.  (courtesy: Huffington Post)

5. What’s one thing you did this month that you’re proud of? We often forget to take time to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, but by asking employees this question once a month, you’ll help build that sense of pride. Employees need to feel like they’re making progress that helps them stay engaged. This question is good for two reasons: Employees get to show off their work. You get to see what employees consider important.

6. How can I be a better leader?  If you’re a good leader, then you’re constantly looking to grow and improve. It’s especially important with this question to remind employees that they can feel free to say whatever they want. As a manager, be willing to accept whatever feedback comes from your employees.

7. What’s your biggest challenge right now?  Everyone faces challenges at work. Managers need to act like coaches and be there to guide their employees through whatever they’re going through. Consistently asking this question will help employees grow and become better at what they do.

8. Are there any projects you’d really like to work on if you were given the opportunity?  For employees to be truly motivated at work, they need to be working on projects they they’re passionate about. Employees often change roles in companies as they continue to discover themselves. Help them discover their passions by asking this question frequently. (courtesy:  OfficeVibe)

9. If you were leading this team/branch/organization what would you do differently?

10. What type of career growth is most important to you?  eg. Additional responsibility, leading a team, salary increase, promotion, etc.. (courtesy:  Quantum Workplace)