Government Finance

We have over 20 years' experience working, consulting and facilitating in government finance.  Our government finance expert, Danette Fenton-Menzies, developed and led Australia's first nationally-recognised Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Government Finance programs.  Danette has a wealth of knowledge about government finance, including relevant experience.  Most recently, she was CFO at Safe Work Australia.

Danette is passionate about government finance because, when money is spent well, it creates a good future for everyone - and conversely when it is not spent well, it impacts everyone. 

We work with government agencies to tailor government finance workshops using agency specific financial policies, procedures and delegations. 

Our workshops cover areas including:

  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Budgeting and effective financial management
  • Resource/ Financial management frameworks
  • Financial delegations
  • Compliance reporting
  • Finance for non-finance people
  • Financial analysis
  • How to read financial reports.

We also develop e-learning programs in these areas, customised for each of our clients.

To learn more, please email us or call 02 6944 8200.