Leading Courageous Conversations


This one-day workshop engages you in creating a safe environment and process to have those ‘difficult’ conversations that so many of us put off at work.

You will learn why these conversations seem so confronting and understand why every courageous conversation is also a leadership opportunity.

Learning outcomes include:

  • recognise the cost of ‘phantom’ conversations
  • identify how to prepare mentally for a conversation
  • learn how to identify and manage your state
  • recognise and influence the state of others
  • understand how to close a conversation with purpose.



This workshop is a must for you if you need to have a difficult conversation with someone else – but delay it for as long as possible.

You will also benefit if you would simply like to learn how to remain calm and assertive during your conversations.

Date:  Tuesday 22 May

Price:  $695 (incl GST)

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