Why Being Adaptable Can Be Hard

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With all of the disruption that has happened over the past few months, many people are finding it hard to stay on top of things – let alone adapt. Yet now, more than ever, we all need to adapt.  Many of us are juggling multiple roles, often in the one place: our home. Before COVID-19, home was a sanctuary for many of us, but it’s now been invaded by work, home schooling, etc.   And while some of Read More

Leadership Retreat in the Blue Mountains

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Earlier this month, the Magical Learning Team had the pleasure and privilege of running a 2-day team building and leadership retreat for one of our clients at the Fairmont Resort and Spa located in the Blue Mountains. During this event, we covered some of our favourite topics such as; emotional intelligence, adaptability quotient, leadership, resilience Read More

Grahame and Danette at PMA

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This month, Grahame and Danette were invited to Toronto to participate in Robin Sharma’s Personal Mastery Academy (PMA) as his personal guests. If you’re ever wondering what they are doing in Canada all the time, this is it. Robin Sharma has been their business coach for a number of years and has really helped mould Read More

Kitchener Leadership Chat

Our Leadership Conversation in Kitchener, Ontario

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Last December, we had the privilege of speaking to approximately 60 participants, facilitators and management from the Digital Trades School (DTS) in Kitchener, Ontario. Hosted by our wonderful friend and DTS co-founder Dave Inglis, we chatted about the importance of self-leadership and the need to grow our ‘four interior empires’ of mindset, heartset, healthset and Read More

Are You a Manager or Gardener

Are You a Manager or a Gardener?

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There’s been a lot written in recent years about the differences (and parallels) between leadership and management. Organisations tend to muddy the waters somewhat by embedding management terms in titles and position descriptions – so managers could be forgiven for believing that leadership is the domain of the ‘senior leadership team’ as defined by the organisation’s CEO or Board.In a 2013 Harvard Business Review article, Vineet Nayar Read More