Active Learning

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With the world changing so fast we need to consider ways to boost learning for everyone.  Active learning is where you are involved and interacting with the learning. The brain science is clear that passive learning (where you just sit and listen to someone talk) is less effective than active learning.  The idea is that Read More

Why Creating Psychological Safety Is Critical for a Great Culture

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In 2012 Google ran an internal study, Project Aristotle, to determine what factors created their best teams.  They found that the number one factor was ‘psychological safety.’  So it makes sense that, when we think about creating great cultures, this must be one of the elements our organisations should focus on. Psychological safety comprises two Read More

Not Everyone Gets Accounting

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Written by Danette Fenton-Menzies Why You May Find Reading Financial Reports Hard  I preferred English to Maths at school, so when I started doing accounting at university I really struggled.  In fact, can I let you in on a little secret?  I failed Accounting 1 at uni.  Now I teach accounting (among other things) to accountants and non-accountants!  If you are Read More