August Newsletter 2020


How are you?

With the ongoing disruption, it is natural to feel unsettled and uncomfortable. Now more than ever, you need to look after yourself and build your resilience. To help you, we share some practical tips below.

One thing that can help when times are tough is asking better questions. When we ask better questions, our brain goes searching for better answers – which can help us to regain a sense of control and identify new possibilities for moving forward.

We’ve included some example questions later in the newsletter, to get you started on developing your own list of great questions.

Our theme this month is Developing and Maintaining Organisational Culture. You can think of ‘culture’ as the combined effect of your organisation’s values and vision, plus accepted workplace behaviours. Given many teams will continue to operate with some members working from home and others back in the ‘office’, it is really important to spend some time thinking about how to develop and maintain your organisational culture.

We look forward to seeing you on this month’s webinar about organisational culture (details later in the newsletter).

Until then, stay safe and be magical!

The Magical Learning Team

ML Community Support

With all the ongoing disruption we wanted to offer you our support. From this month onwards we will be starting a new, free initiative, ML Community Support. This initiative is to provide further support to our ML Community.

It will be a space where you can book in and chat to one of us (either over the phone or via online platform) about any area that you need support with. This could include working from home, performance management issues, having difficult conversation, boosting your resilience, etc.

The first sessions are available on 12 August from 12.30pm-5.30pm. To book a call with Danette or Grahame, click here.

If you need support and this date doesn’t work for you, please just email us to organise another day and time.

Remember: we’re in this together – and we are here for you.

Keeping Your Resilience Up

Mark Twain was quoted as saying: ‘I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened’.

Did you know that, on average, 64% of your thoughts are negative – even if you are a naturally positive person. Your brain is focused on ensuring you are safe, by focusing on potential threats.

In her wonderful book, The Power of Vital Force, author Rajshree Patel discusses our two greatest energy drains, which come from what we focus on. These occur when we:

  • resist what is; or
  • crave something different.

In both of these ‘states’ we are not present and our brain is just running its naturally-negative programming.

To quote leadership guru Robin Sharma: ‘With better awareness comes better choices. With better choices comes better results.’

As you become aware of when your mind starts to resist what is or to crave things, just breathe deeply and wiggle your big toes, to come back to the present.

Other things that can help you maintain higher resilience include:

  • Label your emotions. This makes them less powerful.
  • Change: ‘I am anxious/sad/insert the emotion you are feeling’ to ‘I am experiencing anxiety/sadness/insert the emotional state you are experiencing. This can help you separate your ‘self’ from the feeling.
  • Practice daily self-care, even if it is only for 10 minutes.
  • Practice daily gratitude.
  • Meditation (to notice the thoughts that your brain is focusing on).
  • Have a music tune or a saying that you can use to lift you up when you notice your brain focusing on negative things.
  • Get out in nature.
  • Move, as this releases the feel good hormones into our bodies.
  • Connect with others (even if you can only do that on video or over the phone).
  • Look for things that give you joy.

Please remember: if this negative feeling is ongoing, talk to your medical practitioner. Also, many employers provide EAP services for their staff and organisations such as Lifeline (13 11 14) and Beyond Blue (1300 224 636) are there to help too.

The Power of Great Questions

The questions we use have an impact on the results we get. During disruption, learning to use better questions can help you become un-stuck. Here are some great questions to unlock more possibilities in your life:

  • What’s the opportunity here?
  • What have we missed?
  • How can I learn and grow from this?
  • What wasn’t working before this disruption? How can we stop doing that?
  • What would work better?
  • Who could we collaborate with on this?
  • How can we serve others to make a difference?

While we encourage our coaching clients to keep a list of great leadership questions, this is a great habit for everyone to have. We‘d love for you to share some of your great questions with us.

New Learning Opportunities


Tuesday, 8 and 15 September 2020, 9.30am – midday AEST.

Early Bird Price: $995 for registrations before 19 August 2020 (incl. GST where applicable)

Would you like to feel more confident when you read and have to explain your financial results?

This online workshop explains the stories that the numbers tell. It helps you to translate government finance into easy-to-understand, plain English so you become more confident and can apply your learnings immediately back into the workplace.

On completion of this interactive workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Australian Government’s Resource Management Framework and your duties under that Framework
  • Understand the purpose of accounting and financial reports
  • Understand common government finance and accounting terms
  • Confidently interpret your financial reports
  • Explain your variances
  • Identify and investigate possible areas of concern
  • Identify where to get additional information and support.

To further embed your learnings, following the completion of the workshop, you will receive a one-on-one coaching session with Danette to go through your specific financial reports and address any additional questions or challenges you may have.


Thursdays, 3, 10, 17 & 24 September 2020, 9.00am – Midday AEST.

Early Bird Price: $1,225 for registrations before 19 August 2020 (incl GST where applicable)

This highly-interactive program addresses the critical skills you need as a manager, to undertake your role confidently and professionally.

Learn how to improve your communication skills, emotional intelligence and boost your team’s productivity. Your program includes:

  • Four half-days of intensive, highly-interactive learning
  • A Team Management Systems™ Profile Report
  • A one-hour coaching session with one of our Executive Coaches
  • Our exclusive six-week Learning Enrichment Program
  • Lifetime access to our online Learning Community.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Understand your managerial style
  • Deepen your emotional intelligence
  • Boost your influencing and communication skills
  • Develop stronger performance management skills
  • Effectively give and receive feedback
  • Develop your coaching and mentoring skills
  • Leverage change
  • Build stronger time management and delegation skills
  • Apply problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Develop a personal action plan.


Tuesday 29 September 2020, 9.30am – Midday AEST.

Early Bird Price: $295 for registrations before 1 September 2020(incl GST where applicable)

During these disruptive times, it is important to work on your productivity and energy, whether you are working from home or back in the workplace.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why it is important to manage your energy if you want to achieve more
  • How to improve your productivity
  • What high performers focus on to achieve high performance
  • Tools, techniques and models to improve your energy
  • Practical strategies and tools to improve your productivity during disruption
  • How to develop a Personal Action Plan.


Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 10.30am – 11.15am AEST

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What organisational culture is
  • The factors that impact on organisational culture
  • Three strategies to improve your organisation’s culture during disruption.

Book Of The Month: Acting With Power by Deborah Gruenfeld

Reviewed by Danette Fenton-Menzies

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Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.

Richard M. DeVos

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