APS Programs

We offer a range of bespoke and public programs to help you and your agency succeed at every stage of your APS journey.  From small group workshops to Division-wide retreats, we’ve invested over 20 years in learning how to help you become an exceptional APS leader.

EL Masterclass

Learn to lead yourself, then others. Explore the strategic perspective, strengthen your emotional agility, build real adaptability.

APS Resource Management Framework

Learn how the APS contributes to a stronger, Australia. Identify the structures that governs how and why we work as public servants. 

APS Financial Management and Budgeting

Learn how managing APS finances impacts Australia. Understand how to collect the right data to make better financial decisions.

Procurement and Contract Management

The Government spends $45bn annually on goods and services.  Learn to manage procurements and contracts to get the best value for money, every time.

Project Management Essentials

Projects bring structure, clarity and accountability to critical work. Learn how to manage projects to exceed expectations.

The Story the Numbers Tell

If you struggle to understand financial statements, this program was built for you. We’ll help you read the stories behind the data, so you can better inform others.

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